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Comprehensive managed IT services designed to better the health and success of your business

Is it crazy to think that when you partner with a managed technology provider, the provider should be invested in your success? I-M Technology provides total managed IT services for businesses and nonprofits in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island with an empowering consultative approach. Not only do we protect and maintain your IT infrastructure with world class fixed-fee support, but I-M Technology is your trusted advisor where technology intersects with business.


I-M Technology, like almost every other managed service provider, includes these managed IT support fundamentals:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Remote support
  • Onsite technicians
  • Patch management
  • Data backups
  • Vendor relationship management


But isn’t this just the bare minimum? There are no bonus points for this level of service. I-M Technology takes your IT support to the next level with CompleteIT.


Fixed Fee Billing

By employing industry leading best practices and taking a proactive approach to IT issues, I-M Technology has the confidence to offer fixed fee IT support. We don’t charge you more whether you have a single incident in a month or dozens. Instead of managing your block of time agreement, deciding what to try and fix on your own, or if you should even reach out to support, any IT issue is just solved by our staff without having to watch the clock or your wallet. It’s as simple as that.


Security is How We Work

Cyber security is not a separate service with I-M Technology. We bake sophisticated protection into everything we do, guarding your business from hacking, phishing and ransomware. Our security is so extensive, there’s not enough space here to discuss it! We invite you to read more about SecureIT here.


Proper IT Lifecycle Management

Consistently implementing, maintaining and sunsetting hardware and technology is a key component of your long term success. We build plans to rotate out old, lagging technology and bring in new technology to meet your business goals. I-M Technology helps build this out as part of your budget so your business can successfully adapt, grow and remain productive. Learn more about IT lifecycle management here.


Quarterly Business Technology Reviews

Just because a managed service provider is external from your company does not mean it is external from your business goals. Your IT partner should be on your side. Every quarter, I-M Technology will meet with you to ensure that we are aligning your technology with your desired business outcomes. Shouldn’t every IT partner?


Our Clients Are Happy

Our current, unadulterated customer satisfaction score is always visible on our homepage and you can read our testimonials here. Our clients love to work with us. They know our names, they enjoy talking to us on the phone, and they are routinely and consistently pleased with their level of service. When it comes down to it, wouldn’t you prefer to work with a managed IT service provider that you like?


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