A woman using two factor authentication cybersecuritySecureIT is the premier cybersecurity solution to protect your business

More than half of all small businesses will experience a data breach. Phishing, ransomware and other attacks are increasing in scale and ferocity every year and small targets are easy prey. The highest ransoms paid since 2016 have skyrocketed, bringing the average demand to devastating highs. SecureIT is how we defend against these threats.


We bake the following cybersecurity services into every support offering:

  • Endpoint Protection – Staying free from viruses and other malware is the bedrock of good security policy.
  • Spam Filtering and Email Encryption – Keeping phishing and other malicious emails from even hitting your inbox is the best defense from attacks originating from emails.
  • Email Two Factor Authentication – Greatly improve the security to your business systems and applications with our 2FA.
  • Patch Management – Routinely updating your applications to the latest versions ensures serious security exploits are patched out.
  • Employee Education and Testing – Actively training and testing your staff on an ongoing basis to spot “phishy” emails and websites to solve the human problem part of cybersecurity.
  • DarkWeb Scanning – Searching for your staffs’ usernames and passwords on the dark web and alert you if they are there.
  • DNS Filtering and Blocking – Working with you to establish what kinds of websites your team can visit and we automatically block phishing and other malicious sites.
  • UTM Next Generation Firewall – Managing a next-gen firewall that offers secure VPN access for remote staff plus has intrusion prevention and detection and is cloud connected and constantly updates for zero-day attacks.
  • Annual Network and Security Assessment with Penetration Testing – Performing a trusted third party assessment of your systems and provide you with a report as well as an action plan to make things better.
  • Ransomware Aware Intelligent Backup and Business Continuity Services – Every backup and disaster recovery solution seems to be focused on recoverability. Our solutions focus on business continuity instead of focusing on recovery. That changes the dynamic because we want to keep your business running without interruption.



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Sometimes your business requires more. Perhaps your business or organization has regulatory driven compliance requirements or just a desire to get ahead of the herd. That’s where SecureIT comes into play.

With SecureIT we layer on:

  • Organization-wide 2FA and SSO – Tired of people forgetting passwords or seeing sticky notes under keyboards or on monitors? Need an extra layer of protection simultaneously making the daily lives of your staff easier? That’s where managed 2FA and SSO (Single Sign On) steps in. We enable your staff to be able to sign into their workstations and then have all supported sites and programs accessible without the need to repeatedly remember and type in different passwords. It also creates a one-click way to remove employee access in case of employment separation.
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection – We provide advanced security services to prevent, detect, and even undo—known and unknown—threats.
  • Advanced Detection and Remediation Services – We don’t just detect breaches and issues but we remediate any weaknesses we discover.
  • Semi-Annual Network and Security Assessment with Penetration Testing – We add a second assessment to keep you aware of your security posture and risk tolerance. Our goal is to consistently move the needle towards a more secure environment while balancing the continued need for company productivity.

Where necessary we add:

  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) – This allows us to collect logs from devices and services and look for anomalies and alerts based on the framework of the regulations you have to follow.


Ransomware statistics showing increase in ransom demands and payments over time


There is a growing problem in the IT support industry where clients have a very different expectation of their cybersecurity readiness and the reality that their provider has in place for them. This leads to confusion on the part of the client and them being unwittingly exposed to far more risk and danger of hacking and phishing attacks and data loss than they are aware of. Every month we meet with prospective clients who have been a victim of ransomware, hacking, wire fraud or phishing attacks. They have lost data, wasted payroll dollars due to employees being idled and, in some cases, even experienced direct financial impact through ransomware payments or fraudulent wire transfers.

If your company is regulated under a section of the NIST framework whether HIPAA, ITAR, DFARS, PCI-DSS, RESPCA, FINRA or SOX, we are ready to keep your data safe, your staff productive and your business compliant.


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