A woman using two factor authentication cybersecuritySecureIT is the premier cybersecurity solution to protect your business

More than half of all small businesses will experience a data breach. Phishing, ransomware and other attacks are increasing in scale and ferocity every year and small targets are easy prey. The highest ransoms paid since 2016 have skyrocketed, bringing the average demand to devastating highs. SecureIT is how we defend against these threats.


There is a growing problem in the IT support industry where clients have a very different expectation of their cybersecurity readiness from the reality that their provider has in place for them. This leads to confusion on the part of the client and exposure to far greater risk than they’re prepared for.

We set proper expectations from the start.

Every month we meet with prospective clients who have been a victim of ransomware, hacking, wire fraud or phishing attacks. They have lost data, wasted payroll dollars and, in some cases, even experienced direct financial impact through ransomware payments or fraudulent wire transfers.

SecureIT cybersecurity from I-M Technology is designed to guard your business against threats like these.


Virus Infections

Viruses don’t make the headlines these days as much as other security threats, but a nasty infection can still sow chaos and disrupt your business. As the bedrock of our security, our endpoint protection keeps your network malware free.


Email and Phone Phishing

Criminals will stop at nothing to gain your confidence via email or phone to access your systems, wreak havoc and score a payout. We employ multiple solutions to cast a wide shield around your business network to prevent various methods of entry, including Two Factor Authentication.


Hardware and Software Exploits

If a manufacturer left a loophole in their product, you can bet someone has found it and is going to use it to their advantage. We manage updates, hotfixes and patches to keep your technology current and free of serious security exploits.


Employee Carelessness

Employees today must act as a vanguard to your business in a way they never have in the past, all while doing their actual jobs. That’s a lot to contend with. It’s no wonder the most successful vector of attack is the human vector through phishing and social engineering. We find comprehensive and continuous education to be the best remedy.


Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks target every business, including small businesses, and a successful attack is almost always devastating. We use world class policies and technologies to keep you protected, as well as intelligent backups that focus on business continuity.


We can’t discuss every solution we use here (tight lips are part of the best security policies), but our goal is to keep our clients protected and worry-free so they can focus on their business.

Additionally, if your company is regulated under a section of the NIST framework, including HIPAA, ITAR, CMMC, PCI-DSS, RESPCA, FINRA or SOX, we are ready to keep your data safe, your staff productive and your business compliant.



Rest easy with your IT support in our hands.

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