Who Is Stuart Bryan And Why Is Everyone In Cyber Security and Business Technology Talking About Him?

Stuart Bryan,
CEO & President

IT that works for you

I-M Technology, LLC is a local technology solutions provider that offers managed Information Technology services for businesses’ technology needs. We have provided world-class IT services and solutions to SMB and non-profit organizations in Southern New England since 2003. Our team has decades of collective experience working with small businesses with multiple locations.

Founded by current president Stuart Bryan and his father, Phil, I-M Technology, LLC initially designed and delivered customized networking solutions and IT services to schools, local governments and larger businesses. Since then, I-M Technology, LLC has grown in scope and realigned our model to the needs of modern businesses.

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Rewriting The Direction Of Your Life
How Entrepreneurship Shaped Stuart Bryan And His Business, I-M Technology

Stuart Bryan has always been an entrepreneur at heart. Whether it was running several paper routes in his youth or creating I-M Technology to provide premier IT solutions for businesses across Southern New England, he knows the value of hard work and creating something from nothing. And this is truly what entrepreneurship is to Stuart an opportunity to rewrite the direction of your life and create a legacy that lives on after you’re gone.

When Stuart was a young boy, his parents moved from England to the United States. “Both my professional parents couldn’t get their degrees acknowledged here in the U.S. So, my dad, who was an engineer, had to become a machinist, and my mother, who was a nurse, was offered a CNA job but decided to stay home and raise us kids as opposed to dealing with bedpans. To change that, they’d have had to go back to college. And having just sold everything we had and moved to the U.S., it wasn’t feasible. As a result, we didn’t have much money,” explains Stuart.

You see, Stuart’s parents had an upbringing in England surrounded by the aftereffects of World War II and the resulting poverty, meaning they were always thrifty and didn’t buy something unless it was important for the family. So then, how was Stuart supposed to acquire the video games he loved so much? Well, this situation is what first sparked his entrepreneurial spirit.

Stuart’s Top Areas Of Expertise

  • Business startups
  • Scaling intelligently and efficiently
  • Cybersecurity
  • Non-profits technology management
  • CMMC
  • NIST based compliance

Stuart Bryan is the co-founder and President of I-M Technology. With over 20 years’ experience, he is passionate about helping small and medium businesses grow by removing constraints and bottlenecks that stop or slow down production while also allowing people to focus on the work that is meaningful to them.

On his path to better himself, a series of work experiences provided the background for how he thinks and approaches business today. From observing meaningless jobs that could be replaced with technology to seeing how inefficiencies can destroy even the largest companies, Stuart took these life experiences and designed intelligent processes that would help him, and his clients improve their quality of life while help their businesses thrive and grow.

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Stuart Bryan, Cybersecurity Expert And CEO Of I-M Technology

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