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Has Working From Home Revealed Issues With Your Current Phone System?


Does your current phone system forward your office calls to your cell phone? Your business isn't anchored to your desk and neither should your business phone systems. As you and your team increasingly work from home, travel to events and make sales visits, you need communication and collaborative tools that move as seamlessly as you do.

With a VoIP phone system from I-M Technology, you get dependable unified communications (UC) and a multitude of features, likely at a lower rate than a traditional telephone installation.


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Empower your business communications:


Dependable Service and Crystal Clear Quality

What would a phone system be with dropped calls and garbled voices? You need to be sure that your phones are reliable and sturdy. Our VoIP services maintain the consistency and quality you're used to and have come to count on, with 99.9% uptime.


Long Term Cost Savings

You might think a new VoIP isn't going to hit your bottom line, but the truth is, our systems can actually save you as much as 30% over more well known systems from Cisco or Avaya. One client paid for the cost of their new system in just 17 months from the money they saved on their phone bill after switching.


Modern Flexibility

With a contemporary VoIP installation, your business phones easily integrate with your processes and seamlessly move with you and your team. Configure your phones to work with your desk handset, your computer or your mobile device with the same phone numbers and features.


Over 35 Advanced Features

A new VoIP system is an investment that immediately begins generating a return with a wide feature set built for maximum efficiency. Take calls, route to the proper employee and record voicemails so that you resolve issues more quickly and never miss another sales call.


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