I-M Technology has been closely monitoring the rapidly changing situation around the pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus disease COVID-19, including the stay-at-home and business closure responses from the states of Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. We will continue to monitor this situation, following any mandatory statements from government officials and will make the necessary decisions for the best interest of our employees and our clients in the capacity of our services provided.

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Rhode Island

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Please review our tentative COVID-19 policy below:

Remote Support From I-M Technology

I-M Technology will be operating during normal business hours and will only be available for remote support, as needed. Our technicians are fully prepared and equipped to provide support in a remote capacity, from any location. Please note that we will be responding to issues and requests on a first-come, first-serve basis and response times are subject to change.

Onsite Repairs/Support/Scheduled Projects

As of March 26th, I-M Technology is restricting onsite support to server down and no internet (all services) emergencies only. This is an effort to keep our staff healthy and able to continue to deliver our support services while limiting risk of infection to themselves and their families.

If your business transitions into employees working remotely, I-M Technology will continue to support all business applications within your work environment. Keep in mind that I-M Technology has no control or visibility into your home network and does not provide support for any home networks or personal devices. However, due to the rising situation, we will extend a courtesy best-effort support for up to 15 minutes to assist with home networks/environments. Please Note: Examples of devices that we do not typically support are home Internet modems/routers, printers, cabling, phone systems (not provided by I-M Technology), and personal devices, such as: mobile phones, tablets, workstations or laptops.

As your dedicated technology partner, our recommendation for your business is to make sure you have a business continuity plan in place for your employee to work remotely, should the need arise. We highly encourage any organization that is considering remote options for their employees to test and confirm their remote capabilities prior to transition to a remote office.
If you are need of a complimentary remote preparedness assessment for your business or have questions about solutions to help your employees collaborate securely from anywhere, please call us at 1-866-755-4486 or email our CEO Stuart Bryan at sbryan@i-mtechnology.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Image result for faqGeneral FAQ

Q: How can I access my Microsoft Office 365 email account if I’m not in the office?
A: Open a web browser, enter the URL portal.office.com and login with your email credentials.

Q: How can I access the I-M Technology support portal?
A: You can access our support portal here: https://www.i-mtechnology.com/support

Q: How can I access my files outside of the office?
A: Please contact I-M Technology to see if your current solution allows for remote access to files or if a solution needs to be setup.

I-M Technology ScreenConnect/Control FAQ

Q: How do I get an account to connect to the portal?
A: Have an authorized user contact I-M Technology to request an account to be setup.

Q: Is a computer required to access the I-M Technology ScreenConnect/Control portal?
A: Yes, you will need a PC, Mac, or other mobile device to connect.

Q: What if I don’t have a home computer?
A: You will need to see if there is an extra Desktop or Laptop computer available to borrow from work in order to access ScreenConnect/Control.

Q: Do I have to take my work computer home?
A: For this system to work you must keep your work computer at the office so that you have something to connect TO.

Q: How will I get access to my files or programs? Do I need to install them on my home computer?
A: ScreenConnect/Control connects directly to your office computer where your files and applications are installed. You will be able to use your computer as if you were sitting in front of it.

Q: I have dual monitors at the office. Will I be able to utilize both monitors through the portal?
A: If the computer you are using at home has dual monitors you will be able to have the same experience through ScreenConnect/Control.

Q: What if I have dual monitors at work and only one at home? How will that work?
A: The computer you are using at home will have to toggle between the 2 screens of your office computer to see the content on each display.

Q: What if my home computer is Windows 7 and my work computer is Windows 10, will that matter?
A: ScreenConnect/Control is a browser based portal to a screen view of your work computer. It doesn’t matter what version of Windows you are on.

Q: What if my computer is a Mac?
A: ScreenConnect/Control portal works with both Microsoft Windows and Mac OSX.

Using Mobile Devices for Remote Access

Q: Can I use my iPad, cell phone or tablet to access my office computer? What about Apple or Android devices?
A: Yes, there is a mobile app for all Apple and Android devices.

  1. For Android devices, search for “ConnectWise Control” in the Google Play store.
  2. For Apple devices, download the app here: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/screenconnect/id423995707
  3. For Windows computers, download the application here, https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/connectwise-control/9nblggh64ltq?activetab=pivot:overviewtab

Q: What is the server address to connect to the ScreenConnect/Control portal with the mobile app?
A: Please contact I-M Technology directly for this information.


Image result for office phone clipartRemote Phone System FAQ

Q: Can I get work calls while working from home?

A: Yes! If you have a VoIP (Voice over IP) phone system, this can be done.

  • If your organization does not have a VoIP system, a forward may need to be setup to a dedicated number. We have multiple solutions for routing calls to remote workers. This includes desktop applications, cell phone applications, and work from home configurations for your desk phone. Since there are multiple factors in determining the best solution for your workflow, we recommend contacting I-M Technology to determine the best solution for your remote staff.

And of course, you could always use your cell phone or house phone. But, your phone system allows you to send and receive calls while outside the office too without giving away your private number.

*Please note: Available remote options are dependent on the capabilities of your phone system.

Q: Will my calls sound any different when working from home?
A: There shouldn’t be any noticeable quality loss, however, this cannot be guaranteed as the service would be using your home network.

Q: Will the callers get a different greeting or menu when calling me while working from home?
A: If your phone has been configured for remote use, it will follow the same settings as if it were in the office.

Q: Can I take my desk phone home and just use that?
A: This will work on the following conditions: 1. The phone extension is reconfigured for remote use, 2. You have a power cable for the phone (some phones are setup to have power via the Ethernet cable), and 3. You must have an Ethernet cable to plug the phone directly into your internet router/modem. We do not recommend this solution as it is not guaranteed that your home network is capable of this and suggest using a mobile application for your phone system.

Q: How do I download and install my office phone system mobile app?
A: This feature only applies to I-M Technology provided phone systems. Please contact I-M Technology for assistance. For all other phone systems, please contact the provider to determine if there is a mobile application to be installed.