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It’s officially September. Labor Day has come and gone, it’s the last month of Q3, and frankly, it'll be difficult to really do much to move the needle for 2021 if you don't have the sales pipeline in place to bring in new business.

If you have a monthly recurring revenue model, anything that closes these last four months is free 2022 revenue. If not, then materials and other supply chain issues may not allow for 2021 orders to ship this year.

So now what? Is it time to get discouraged or coast into the end of the year? Respectfully, absolutely not. We have to stay engaged, stay busy and stay focused.

2021 has been a rebound year for many businesses. That's both good and bad. Rebound relationships aren't always good, famously so. Rebounding from a slump typically is, but this year has been challenging with supply chain and labor shortages. I've talked to a number of business owners and staff members who are feeling the crunch.

Just the other day I spoke with a moving company that has had to turn away over 100 jobs this year due to lack of staff. I was at a ski resort last month and the staff member at the ski lodge stated that they could have done so much more if they just had the staff.

So where does that leave us? Hiring smarter, automating where we can and trying to create a more agile company. Additionally, being less reactive and more proactive in our thought processes and actions.

If we are just tactical without a strategy, we are always in the moment and can't seem to get our head up to see the destination. That can be a trap. We have to take the phase "we've never done it that way before" and grant it swear word jar status. That kind of rut thinking can cripple an organization.


Things to keep in mind as we approach Quarter 4 2021:


1. Where are our competitors and peers more agile than us?

2. What would be different about my operation if I was starting a new one today?

3. What pitfalls have I discovered over the last 18 months that have changed my way of thinking?

4. How can my team perform best?

5. How do our best clients engage with us?

6. How did they find us and what makes them the best?

7. What does my team need in 2022 to lean into the growth that we have planned?

8. What steps can I take today to begin that process?


At the very least, take a couple of days off this quarter and try to get a 30,000ft view of your business. Get some physical and mental distance from the grind and really just look at things with fresh eyes. Explain what you do and why you do it to a stranger and see if it makes you think differently.

Myself, I went to a dude ranch in Arizona in August and I was able to bring clarity to two big decisions that I'd been dragging my feet on out of fear for over 3 years. Don't wait, get that time away on the calendar before November.